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Shapewear make waist, tummy and buttocks look slimmer. South Africa, Centurion Body shapers - waist - tummy - buttocks
Bra enhancers, fillers and inserts
Pocket bras for women who had mastectomy. South Africa, Centurion Bras - with pockets for silicone breast forms
Breast forms for women who had mastectomy or who want to enhance their figure.
TheBreezy. A fashion assessory that is worn over or with other clothes. South Africa, Centurion Ethnic african dresses macrame thebreezy
Necklace, sliced from a geode stone. South Africa, Centurion Gemstones - agate- slice
Dark green, 1.79 carat, South Africa, Centurion Gemstones - tourmaline
Lead crystals for jewellery
Yoga pants, workout apparel, sportswear, sports clothing, gymwear, gym clothing, gym clothes, gym apparel, fitness wear. South Africa, Centurion Leggings - printed tights for gym
High quality PVC (not fiberglass, not plaster, not perspex), adjustable and light weight. South Africa, Centurion Mannequins - female - full body - realistic
Satin matte hipster brief tights made from yarns so fine to allow your skin to remain cool. South Africa, Centurion Pantyhose - elegant and stylish
Aesthetic looking plastic boxes to carry your tampons in. South Africa, Centurion Tampon boxes
Water-based paint to colour cotton textiles at home.

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