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Shapewear make waist, tummy and buttocks look slimmer. South Africa, Pretoria east Body shapers - waist - tummy - buttocks
Bra enhancers, fillers and inserts
Pocket bras for women who had mastectomy. South Africa, Pretoria east Bras - with pockets for silicone breast forms
Breast forms for women who had mastectomy or who want to enhance their figure.
Wrap it around your body in 5 different ways to create 5 outfits. South Africa, Pretoria east Dresses - bahudha  New!
TheBreezy. A fashion assessory that is worn over or with other clothes. South Africa, Pretoria east Ethnic african dresses macrame thebreezy
Necklace, sliced from a geode stone. South Africa, Pretoria east Gemstones - agate- slice
Double-sided sided adhesive tapes for wigs, garments, breast forms. South Africa, Pretoria. South Africa, Pretoria Hair - 2x sided adhesive tapes for wigs, garments, breast forms
Lead crystals for jewellery
Yoga pants, workout apparel, sportswear, sports clothing, gymwear, gym clothing, gym clothes, gym apparel, fitness wear. South Africa, Pretoria east Leggings - printed tights for gym
High quality PVC (not fiberglass, not plaster, not perspex), adjustable and light weight. South Africa, Pretoria east Mannequins - female - full body - realistic
A light weight mirror on rolling stands that is adjustible and transportable. Useful for boutiques, fashion designers and dancers. Mirror - full length - standing - on caster wheels
Satin matte hipster brief tights made from yarns so fine to allow your skin to remain cool. South Africa, Pretoria east Pantyhose - elegant and stylish
Aesthetic looking plastic boxes to carry your tampons in. South Africa, Pretoria east Tampon boxes
For the upholstery and apparel industry. South Africa, Pretoria east Twill tape - polyester

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