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Dresses - bahudha. South Africa, Pretoria east


It appears flat and 2-dimensional, but when arranging and fitting it to the body, it creates a 3-dimensional silhouette.



Colors black   khaki   navy blue   pink   teal
small 28 - 32
medium 34 - 36
large 38 - 40
extra large available on request
Material trilobal
It is very lightweight, tightly woven and has a subtle shimmer and crinkle texture. It has a Durable Water Repellent finish and it is crinkle resistant.
How to care for it Hand wash is best. Cool iron IF required.

Buy   1 for R 400 each. Total = R   400
Buy   2 for R 388 each. Total = R   776
Buy   5 for R 375 each. Total = R 1875
Buy 10 for R 365 each. Total = R 3650
Buy or make a free enquiry  (also specify which color and size you want)

Packaging + handling + shipping Number of items Cost
Collect from South Africa, Pretoria east, MeyersPark any R00
The Courier Guyto your door, delivery 2-3 days 1 R99
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Refunds / Returns

A fashion assessory that is worn over or with other clothes. South Africa, Pretoria east

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