Rent a nerd: Software solutions for small businesses and private individuals.

I do:

  • Design new, small websites
    that load quickly & that are simple to use HTML, forms, php (little), cPanel, FTP,
  • Modify existing websites
    Speed up websites
    Make websites compatible with Google Chromes Autofill. It will save your clients time when they have to fill out forms on your website.
    Make websites mobile-friendly.  New!
  • Streamline internet based mail-order business, emails anwering.
  • Market web sites
    Search engine optimization,
    Copy writing,
    Google adwords, Google Adsense, pay-per-click advertising,
    Track advertising campaings,
  • A program that shows from which countries visitors come to your website.  New!
  • Marketing / Sourcing leads through Internet / compiling email lists.
  • Write small programs for custom utilities that you can not buy or download from the internet
  • Data mining / web research
  • Data processing, cleansing, conversion, formatting  New!
  • Convert paper text to digital
    Sometimes the data entry process can be semi-automated.
  • Programming Convert Windows98 to Windows7, Turbo Pascal for DOS Free Pascal for Windows 7 DBASe III Plus Lotus 123
  • Photography / Scanning / Picture editing / Photo-retouching (Paintshop Pro 7.0) / movie clips (GIF animation) I am familiar with the basics of make-up for women.
  • Sell products
I do not:
  • Repair or install hardware and networks
About me:
  • I have internet businesses that are established and do not require full time attention. I can sell my experience to other people.
  • My portfolio: all websites listed here:
  • Rates: R100 per hour including VAT. (I am not interested in partnerships, profit sharing or network marketing)
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This page has been updated on the 2016-07-22.