Black list

These people made use of our services, but never paid us.

If they can waste our time and money, they can waste yours too.

2003-02-22 J O H TROLLIP Canada
2003-02-22 S U E KRUIZE Canada
2003-03-01 JACO ROBBERTS .
2003-04-06 PETER SAMUEL United States of America
2003-03-28 HEATHER ISAACS United Kingdom
2003-04-17 ROESHANA MATTHEWS Australia
2003-04-19 DAVE PARKINSON .
2003-04-29 HOPE HENRY .
2003-05-09 JIM RICKETTS .
2003-07-01 SAMANTHA KING United Kingdom
2003-07-01 SUSANNE WALDIS-REICHMUTH Switzerland
2003-07-01 KIERAN CANAVAN Australia
2003-07-01 KARI WAAGE .IS
2003-07-01 KIM ELLIOTT Canada
2003-07-01 ROSA MELO .
2003-10-21 Lewis Jones .
2003-09-06 Anton Du Plessis South Africa
2003-11-12 Sherivan Goliath South Africa
2004-02-03 Gerry Suzy United Kingdom
2004-03-01 Naja Poulsen Denmark
2004-08-05 Andre Putter South Africa, Centurion
He is a private investigator,
but he does not pay his own debts.
2004-09-06 R Van Achthoven .
2004-10-26 Elize Boshoff South Africa
2004-12-01 Hayley Lancaster South Africa
2004-11-26 Willie Lundall South Africa
2005-01-25 William Geer United States of America
2005-07-05 Steven Gorman United States of America
2005-07-05 Joutet Stephania France
2005-08-02 Sandra Levesconte Canada
2005-08-02 Mike Paul Horrocks United Kingdom
2005-08-02 Melanie Anne Warren South Africa
2005-09-06 Bronwyn Claire Moir South Africa
2005-10-05 Noa Adar Israel
2005-11-09 Whiting Soxton United Kingdom
2005-12-06 Veronique Daneault Canada
2006-01-10 Gavin Downes United Kingdom
2006-02-07 John Thomas Brown United Kingdom
2006-03-02 Andrew Christopher Marshall Zimbabwe
2006-03-02 Daniel Cardello United States of America
2006-06-06 Elizabeth Anna Lane nee Needham United Kingdom
2006-09-06 Lynn Margaret East nee Gilbert United Kingdom
2006-12-11 Pamela Ndahambelela Nambahu Namibia
2007-04-03 LaQuenta Reynolds United States of America
2007-06-13 Candice Masters South Africa
2007-06-13 Shantel Govender South Africa
2007-06-13 Warren Glyn Jones New Zealand
2007-07-09 Xola Ndaba United Kingdom
2007-07-09 Prawat Laosomboon Thailand
2007-07-09 Lee-Ann Pritchard United Kingdom
2007-07-09 Amanda Nel South Africa
2007-08-07 Nathan Burton Phillips South Africa
2007-08-07 John Thacker United Kingdom
2007-09-07 Michael Weir United Kingdom
2007-09-07 David Cabral nee Nawran United States of America
2007-10-03 Allyson MargaretWeissenberger nee McLean Australia
2007-10-16 Maria Fatima Andrade nee Caldeira Spain
2007-10-16 Nicholas Francisco Australia
2007-11-08 Tobias Johannes Hinkle United States of America
2007-11-08 Tarryn Michelle Viljoen United Kingdom
2007-12-20 Liza Jansen van Vuuren nee Theunissen South Africa
2008-01-12 Luminita M Tecsy nee Schleser United States of America
2008-01-22 Francesca Margret Bywater United Kingdom
2008-02-10 Charmain Magee nee du Toit United States of America
2008-02-10 Jacky Court nee van Wyk South Africa
2008-02-10 Warren Greenslade South Africa
2008-02-25 Priscilla NadineBrown South Africa
2008-03-09 Tarann Anne Clarke South Africa
2008-04-06 Simon Phoko Ramalepe South Africa
2008-04-06 Thandokazi Nonjezi South Africa
2009-04-13 Simon Phoko Ramalepe South Africa
2009-12-07 Ann A Pienaar nee Muller South Africa
2010-03-08 Natasha Stols nee De Kock South Africa
2010-09-08 Lawrence Dickson Canada
2010-10-10 Gift Tladi South Africa
2011-07-12 Mary-jane Garthe South Africa
2012-01-11 Ashwani Sheoran South Africa
2012-06-12 Bianca Erasmus Pretoria
2012-06-12 Ade Balogun Roodepoort
2012-11-06 Marietjie Labuschagne Witbank
2013-01-08 Lizelle Bornman Johannesburg
2014-02-17 Desiree Virginia Pickl nee Steyn Australia
2014-04-17 Stanley Chukwumeremeze South Africa
2014-10-18 Nondilileko Millie Ndumela South Africa
2015-01-24 Martin Kemper Belgium, Leuven(Louvain)
2015-09-07 Petrus Wilhelmus van der Linde South Africa
2016-04-25 Hendrik le Roux South Africa
2016-04-25 Hendrik le Roux South Africa
2017-02-10 Linzwe Ndinisa Johannesburg. Meals on Wheels
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