Find any South African

even those who have emigrated.

We have a service that find South Africans world wide. We also search Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, ex-Rhodesians.


Deposit:R   40
If the person has been found:R 460
Total:R 500

If we have not found the person in 1 months, we shall refund your deposit.

Request a search

We shall email you order instructions, bank details and our phone number.

Details about the person you are searching for.

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City where you think he may be now
Date, country, city, address or company where he used to be. (must enter)
Type of work he did.
His hobbies, interests, clubs he may belong to
His previous email
The name and surname of a relative or a friend who may know where he is.

His ID number
Where have you searched, so we dont waste time duplicating your efforts.
Briefly describe the reason for your search. (must enter)
This helps us to decide how to do your search. Dont write, "I am an old friend." Rather write, "We used to work together at ABC Company or "I need the data for legal purposes, debt collection."

Details about yourself
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Electric cords with 3 point plugs. South Africa, Pretoria east

Other types of searches.

(ID numbers, credit records, birth certificates, death certificates, company records, deed searches, property records)

Why use our service?

If you time is worth more than R 500 then it is cheaper for you to pay us to do the search rather than clicking and phoning around yourself.

Discount for bulk purchases. South Africa, Pretoria east


To clean heat in the lung, reduce phlegm, stop coughing, help produce saliva and slake thirst. May also help for asthma and emphysema. South Africa, Pretoria east

Add your details to the database (free)

We only accept details from persons who live or used to live in South Africa.

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Comments about yourself,
- your interests,
- where you used to work, etc.

Discount for bulk purchases. South Africa, Pretoria east


We offer R 250 if you help us to find these missing people

South Africa
How to obtain the wealth that is within the grasp of us all. South Africa, Pretoria east

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