South Africa find missing friends, emigrants

Identity number search of any South African. Id search South Africa

South African birth- & death- & marriage certificates.
We are based in Pretoria. We shall go to home affairs for you, scan it and email it to you abroad.

Why Uruguay is an emigration option for some South Africans.

Cable, USB 2.0, extension cord, female to male, 2 metres. South Africa, Pretoria

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AE - Dubai and Saudi recruitment agency
For South African and international work force

AU - Adelaide Bound
Information for immigrants to South Australia

AU - Afrikaanse klub in Australia
Help nuwe immigrante om in te skakel d.m.v. byeenkomste

AU - Australia Forum
Resources about emigrating to, working and living in Australia

AU - Call Australia Home
Registered migration agents

AU - Edi Customs
International freight brokers

AU - Enslin and Associates
Tax and business lawyers. Also do visa applications

AU -
South Africans in Australia

AU - Hitchcock and Associates
Delivering visa solutions

AU - Australian government - department of immigration

AU - South Africans in Adelaide

AU - Newcomers Network

AU - Oz Down Under
Australia immigration guide

AU - SA Australia forum
14000 members

AU - Sabona magazine

AU - SA to OZ
South African Foods

AU - South African network
Business directory of ex-South Africans

AU - South Africans in Perth

AU - The South African shop
Traditional and kosher South African products

Herbal tea for slimming and to reduce levels of lipids in blood. South Africa, Pretoria

BE - afrikaans

CA - South Africans in Novia Scotia

CA - South Africans in Ontario

CA - Canada Coffee Club
An online bistro for immigrants

CA - Immigration visa
Help with legal immigration to USA, Canada, Europe, Australia

CA - Lekkerbek
Kanada se skadu en son

CA - Matrixvisa
Immigration law and recruitment

CA - Rhodesia Was Super
Custom embroided apparel, flags, bood

CA - SA Canada
Forums about Canada for immigrants

CA - Step-by-Step Immigration
Quick and simple method to apply.

CH - SA Bbraai

CH - South African Representation Abroad
South Africans Representatives at International Organisati

CH - Rooibos
Importer of rooibos tea

CH - SA Braai

CH - SA Trade

Herbal tea is formulated with high quality natural herbs, which are approved to improve male sexual activity. South Africa, Pretoria

CL - South African embassy in Chile

DE - Bavarian Springbok club in Germany
Get together and support group for expats

DE - Suedafrika
Suedafrikanische Botschaft in Deutschland

DE - Doringboom
Your advisor in Berlin

FI - South African embassy in Helsinki

IT - South African embassy in Rome

NL - Boerewors
Verkoop South Afrikaanse kos

NL - Castlebeer
South African Castle Beer in Europe

NL - Die Spens
South African Products in Holland

NL - Roepstem

NL - Rooibos
Sell rooibos in Netherlands

Facilitate entrepreneurs to do business between South Africa and Netherlads

NL - South African embassy in the Netherlands

NL - The South African Club in the Netherlands

NL - Embassy of South-Africa in The Hague - Netherlands

NL - Zuid Afrika Huis

NL - Startkabel
De beste linkverzameling uit Zuid-Afrika

NZ - Die Afrikaanse Klub van Nieu-Seeland
Die Afrikaanse Klub van Nieu-Seeland bied aan Suider-Afrik

NZ -
Jou weeklikse Afrikaanse Doer-Onder nuusbrief

NZ - Emigrate New Zealand
Visa rules employment information and other useful topics

NZ - Fritz Swart
Insurance / home loans

NZ - Proteapacific

NZ - Kiwiboer
Raad oor immigrasie en werk deur Louwrens van der Merwe from Cambridge

NZ - Kndig Associates - Specialist New Zealand Immigration Lawyers
Immigration firm based in Christchurch.

NZ - Tips on moving to NZ

NZ - SANZ Charitable Trust
Assists Southern Africans who move to New Zealand and faci

QT - South Africans in Qatar
A meeting place and info hub

RU -

Upright trunk board, South Africa, Pretoria

Expat news

2018-08-07 South Africa: Spike in people who want to emigrate

2018-07-12 Russia welcomes South African farmers 2   Russia welcomes South African farmers 1

2018-04-15 10 Countries that is very easy to emigrate to

2018-03-16 Australia: demographics are rapidly changing

2017-12-03 South Africa: Spike in people who want to emigrate

2012-08-21 South Africa: Dept. Home Affairs makes it difficult for people to emigrate.

    You need a birth certificate to proof your or your parents ancestry. You need an ID number to request a birth certificate.

    Many people dont have their parents ID numbers. To find the ID numbers of people born before about 1930 is difficult, even for experienced tracers. People who left ZA when they were very young, like adopted or forstered children, never had an ID number.

    Dept. Home Affairs refuses to help these people unless they have an ID number. I believe Dept. Home Affairs are just trying to be difficult, because the birth records must exist somewhere. It should be possible to find a birth certificate by a date of birth only.

    A service to help people find ID numbers

2009-09-01 Canada: South African man, Brandon Huntley, has been granted refugee status for being white.

2010-10-14 Dutch government may grant citizenship to descendants of the Boer settlers.

    More than 800 000 people have emigrated / relocated; closer to 2 500 000

2010-08-06 SA Revenue Service getting tax dodgers info from some international tax havens.

    The parasite just sucks more and more

2009-12-03 Cell phone tips and tricks when relocating abroad.

2009-06-01 Zimbabwe: 1500 elderly, destitute Britons will be repatriated by the British government .

2008-07-06 United Kingdom: South Africans will no longer be eligible for the 2 year working-holiday visa.

2008-12-24 Top list of countries where the locals welcome expats the most.

2008-12-23 Singapore: wants to become a secretive money / tax haven

2008-10-01 Australia: Immigration opportunity: marry an Aussie lass.

2008-10-01 Netherlands: Amsterdam to soften expat housing quota.

2008-08-08 South Africa: Highly-skilled teachers are leaving the country in their droves, because of appalling working conditions and poor salaries.

2008-08-03 South Africa: Tax man investigates German expats who have Liechtenstein accounts.

2008-04-07 Bronwyn McIntosh is writing a book about the "scatterlings of Africa" and the Dangers Of South Africa: Fear Of Crime

2008-02-01 Canada: bad news for potential skilled immigrants.

2007-10-17 New Zealand: maoris plan to kill Whites.

2007-08-13 Afrikaans in Dubai

2007-08-12 Emigration is like reincarnation except that you remember your past life.

Alleviates pain associated with arthritis, rheumatism, tired and sore muscles, menstruation, sinus, sport injuries, sprains.

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Can be used for most light home and shop applications up to 180kgs/4 castors. South Africa, Pretoria

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