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What do you actually know about your boyfriend, employee, lover, babysitter or business associate?
Do a background check and find everything you need to know to make a good decision!

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Why use our service?

  • We have access to more than a 100 resources.
  • We have the experience to know where to look for each type of person.
  • We have special programs that can search through those resources fast and systematically.
  • Hassle free: no need to login or register. Just submit your request.

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    • Unless stated otherwise, a search takes at least 3 days since you have submitted the request form. If you need it sooner, submit your request AND leave a phone message at 073-987-1438. Our express fee is R50 extra.
    • If you use the service, you grant us the right to add your details to the database.
    • No liability, either expressed or implied, is accepted for any damages, public and private, that may occur due to the use of this data.
    • We do not do criminal, political or spy type investigations.
    • Some of the data for the above searches are obtained from the national DEEDS offices and credit bureaus. We accept no responsibility for the accuracy, implied or otherwise of the data obtained from these sources. In most cases the data would be accurate. If we have a good reason to doubt the accuracy of the data, we will inform you. Searches of these databases will be charged for irrespective of the results obtained.
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