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Cables 3-prong plug male to kettle plug (IEC) female
Cables, 15 pin, D-SUB chassis, rows 3 for Svga monitors, female to male   Price reduced 2021-05-14
Cables, IDE, 40-pin socket for 2 devices, female to female
Cables, power supply, Y-splitter, LP4 to 2x LP4, male to 2x female
Cables, USB 2.0, CDL-012, female to female, 150 cm
Cables, USB 2.0, extension cord, female to male, 200 cm
For charging cell phones and mobile devices. South Africa, Pretoria east Cables, USB to cell phones
Keyboard adapters, PS/2, DIN6F to DIN5M, female to male
Keyboard adapters, PS/2, DIN6F to USB_female, female to female
Keyboard cables, PS/2, mini DIN 4 male to mini DIN 4 male, S-video
For desktop PC. South Africa, Pretoria east Power supplies - standard ATX

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