Colostomy bag for sale Coloplast 2490
Colostomy bags, Coloplast 2490, 70mm, quantity= 1, R22 each

Stoma bag for sale Convatec 416 908
Colostomy bags, Convatec 416 908, 50 to 100mm,out of stock

Colostomy bag Hollister 3225
Colostomy bags, Hollister 3225, 64mm, quantity= 3, R20 each

Colostomy bag Hollister 3226
Colostomy bags, Hollister 3226, 76mm, quantity= 3, R12 each

Protective sheet, Coloplast 3210Protective sheet, Coloplast 3210
Protective sheet , Coloplast 3210, , quantity=16, R20 each

Dimemsions: 10 x 10 cm
Thickness: 0.1 cm
Use scissors to cut the hole to any size you want.

Protective powder, Convatec Stomahesive
Protective powder , Convatec Stomahesive, 28.3 grams,out of stock

Shipping method Number of items Cost
Collect from South Africa, Pretoria, Sunnyside East any R00
Courier to big cities, delivery 2-3 days 1 to 25 R63
Courier paxi to a town beyond 30 km from big cities, delivery 5-7 days 1 to 10 R80
Prices include VAT and insurance.

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It has anti-microbial properties and is used to treat dermatological conditions, like dandruff, acne, lice, herpes and skin infections.

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