Boost your body’s immune system.
Support your body to overcome infections.
Clean your blood.

What is this?

It is pure ionised silver in de-ionised water.
Silver is an exceptional metal in that it is non-toxic to the human body, but lethal to over 650 disease causing bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and molds; while conventional pharmaceutical antibiotics are typically effective against only 6 or 7 types of bacteria.

The Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town used eCS and found that the following organisms were killed: Coagulase negative Staph, Klebisella pneumoniae, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, wild type staph coag positive. It is particularly effective against Candida and Herpes simplex.

How does it work?

The silver ions in the water kill the germs.
Electro colloidal silver’s action is not disease specific, but cell structure specific. Silver ions (Ag+) attach to membrane surface radicals of bacteria, impairing cell respiration and blocking its energy transfer system.

Are there any side-effects?

Electro colloidal silver is non-toxic, non-addictive and won’t damage your liver or any other organ.
It is odourless, non-stinging.
The body develops no tolerance to it.
It is safe for pregnant and lactating mothers and for babies.
It contains no additives, harmful preservatives or stabilisers.
Although colloidal silver has interactions with few other medicines, it may reduce the absorption of some antibiotics and thyroxine.
It is difficult to overdose. Only if you consume large quantities for a long time, you will get a condition called argyria. With argyria, the gums, mucous membranes and skin turn blue-gray in color. Exposure to sunlight worsens it. People who are most likely to developing argyria are people with low vitamin E and selenium levels and slow metabolisms. The antidote is to take a heavy metal detox.
Some people may be allergic to silver.

It is registered with the South African Department of Health/MCC for Complementary Medicine. It is batch tested to ensure quality. It is not home made.

Colloidal Silver (Tonic to drink.)


Human papilloma virus:
This virus causes (venereal) warts. As with skin warts, the patient has to persist for weeks to get rid of the virus.

Chronic kidney infection:
Take at least 25ml every 2 hours while awake.

This organism causes stomach ulcers and eCS will assist in keeping this under control. Similarly for duodenal ulcers.

Crohn’s disease an ulcerative colitis:
Take at least 25ml 3 times a day and also by enema not more than 250ml at a time as high up the colon as is possible.

Tonsillitis, bad breath and thrush and ulcers:
Take 20ml and swish it around for 1 minute, then swallow.

1 bottle =   500 ml
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1 bottle = 1000 ml
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Colloidal Silver (Gel to rub on your skin.)


Skin conditions:
Eczema, Fungal infections of skin, and Psoriasis - Apply and cover at least 1x a day. At night is the most convenient. At the same time 25ml of the liquid eCS should be taken 3 times a day to stabilize the immune system.

Wounds and skin ulcers:
eCS is particularly good for infected wounds. Apply and cover and leave undisturbed as long as the gel and spray are moist under the covering.

Burns (sunburn, fire or hot liquids):
Cool the affected area with cold water or ice and then apply the gel and seal it

For urinary catheters or sexual intercourse. It gives extra protection against infections. NB! It is not a 100% effective against HIV infections. You must still use a condom!

Where to buy

1 tube = 100 grams
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