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Medical - aids for disabled- and old people
Colostomy bags
Easy grabber barbeque stainless steel tongs (braai tang)
Easy grabber reacher
Extra strong for heavy people and comfi grip for long term paraplegics, South Africa, Pretoria Elbow crutches
Wheelchair push brakes

Medical - other
Helps men to prevent early ejeculation and to last longer in bed. South Africa, Pretoria Balms, Pau yuen tong (Old Chinese delay balms)
Used to attach tubing and ostomy pouches to skin. South Africa, Pretoria Microporous tape
Essential oils, baobab (kremetart)
Essential oils - cedarwood
Alleviates pain associated with arthritis, rheumatism, tired and sore muscles, menstruation, sinus, sport injuries, sprains. Essential oils for pain relief
To stimulate mental and physical activity, nourish blood, strengthen immune system., South Africa, Pretoria Essential oils - ginseng panax
It has anti-microbial properties and is used to treat dermatological conditions, like dandruff, acne, lice, herpes and skin infections. Essential oils - tea tree. 100% pure
Essential oil, ylang ylang blended with rose
Herbal tea black
Herbal tea Cassia for preventing stroke, hypertension and constipation.
Herbal tea for alcohol problems
Herbal tea for beauty and acne, pigmentation and chloasma
Herbal tea for cleaning blood
Herbal tea for cleaning lungs
Herbal tea for constipation
Herbal tea for detox
Herbal tea for hypertension
Herbal tea for liver and brain
Herbal tea for menstruation
Herbal tea for quitting smoking
Herbal tea for sexual performance.   Updated
Herbal tea for slimming and to reduce levels of lipids in blood
Herbal tea ginger
Herbal tea ginkgo
Herbal tea ginseng
Herbal tea kuding
Herbal tea oolong
Herbal medicine to boost immune system against diseases caused by infections. South Africa, Pretoria Immune system booster - TH Capsules
Female hormone replacement therapy ( hrt ). South Africa, Pretoria Progesterone creams to restore female hormonal imbalance
Skin silicone scar sheets

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