Scar smooth is silicone scar sheets to smooth away your scars. Heal and treat your scars without lasers.



Approve appearance of the scar within 4 to 8 weeks.




  • Patented Silon technology
  • Made from medical grade silicon
  • Does not contain antibiotics
  • Is not sterile
  • a packet contains 1 sheet, 3.8 cm x 7.7 cm

    How these products work?

    Silon hydrates the scar tissue which softens the scar tissue.

    Skin silicone scar sheets
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    Buy   1 for R240 each.

    Shipping method Number of items Cost
    Collect from South Africa, Pretoria, Sunnyside East any R  00
    Courier to big cities, delivery 2-3 days 1 to   5 R  52
    Courier to big cities, delivery 2-3 days 6 to 12 R  55
    Courier to a town beyond 30 km from big cities, delivery 4-5 days 1 to 30 R143
    Prices include VAT and insurance.

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