The sex education you never had.

Has the spark gone out of your sex life? When everyone but you seems to be having a brillian time in bed, do not just lie back and accept it. Find out how to put the excitement back. Find new ways to enjoy sex.

None is born knowing how to make love well. Read how to tackle the problems that are spoiling your sex life.

About the Author

Glenn Wilson is an internationally known psychologist and expert on human behavior. He has appeared several times on TV and radio.
Chris McLaughlin is a health journalist and former magazine editor.


What happens when we have sex?
Not in the mood?
When you can not come.
When he comes too quickly.
Erection problems.
Vaginal tightening.
She has got a headache.
Variety is the spice of life.
Something different.
All together now.
Top 10 relationship problems.


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