If you only listen to the words, you will never know what is really going on.

About the Author

Susan Quilliam is a relationship psycologist with an expertise in body language.


How can body language help me succeed in love?

What can I wear to attract a partner?

How can I tell who is available?

What makes a good flirt?

What is the best way to suggest a date?

How can I use body language to make sure that a 1st date goes well?

How can I arrange my personal space to facilitate romance?

How can I make the "1st move" effectively?

How can I repel advances that I do not want?

Is there a secret to perfect kissing?

How can I turn my partner on?

How should I undress?

How can I tell how aroused my partner is?

How can I learn from my partner in bed?

When is the right time for penetration?

How can I tell if my partner climaxed?

How can I show I do not want to make love?

How can I tell what my partner is really feeling?

How can I tell what my feelings are really about my partner?

How can I spot relationship problems before they start?

How can I use my body language to turn an argument into something useful?

How can I tell if my partner is having an affair?

What is the best body language to use when breaking bad news to my partner?

What happens to my body through the stages of my relationship?

What body language strategy can I use to improve my relationship in the long run?


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