1. Historical perspectives
2. Building blocks of the universe
3. Fighting. Some illustrated techniques with step-by-step photos and instructions.
4. The Sixth Center: the brain as a tools of the spirit
5. Active Meditation. How to use Zen to improve your fighting.
6. The 6th sense
7. The art of understanding others through knowledge of the self

About the Author

Stephen K. Hayes is the first American ninjutsu teacher.


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Publisher Ohara Publications, Inc, 1980, 10th printing 1984
ISBN 978-0-89750-073-3
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Martial arts - Ninja Spirit of the shadow warrior by Stephen K. Hayes, South Africa, Pretoria

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WANTED: Pretoria a White training partner to practise basic self-defense techniques with.New!

The person I am looking for should be the average Tom, Dick or Sarah. Any age, any body type, but you must be non-aggresive and responsible. (If you want to be a MMA fighter, go to a MMA dojo.)

A young woman who had been assaulted came to me in 2017-11. We practised together for several months, but she left for Bloemfontein to complete her master degree. I compiled a "syllabus" of about 12 weeks. Most techniques are from jujutsu / aikido / wing chun kung fu. I do not use dangerous or demanding techniques. You do not need special clothes or equipment. 1 hour per week. Times are negotiable. I do not charge for this; we learn together.

I am, a 54 y.o. White man. I did Shotokan karate up to brown belt 1984 under Norman Robinson, Johannesburg. I did basic tai-jutsu for 3 years under Dennis Dorward in 1989. I have springbok colors for swimming + 2 records. I stay in Pretoria, Sunnyside East.

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