Guide to Posing the Female Model by Dan McCormickImage from inside book.

Do you ever find it difficult to describe poses you have in mind? 1104 black and white photographs of8 models in unique, attractive, easy-to-copy poses on 184 pages! It is full of attractive, easy-to-follow poses of the female model - kneeling, standing, seated, reclining and in motion. Real black-and-white photographs, not line drawings, clearly show every aspect of the pose. You and your model will get it right every time, even though she may never have posed before. Whether you are a top professional photographer or a beginner, your subjects rely on you to provide them with posing direction to look their best. It covers a broad spectrum of situations, indoors and out, in every conceivable setting and just about any wardrobe outfit, from formal gowns to swimwear. By referring to this practical guide, photographers can show their subjects actual pictures of proven, attractive poses, and even use it as an idea starter to develop their own unique poses. All set against a clean, white backdrop. The models are each wearing standard dance practice costumes, the kind you would see at any quality dance studio. The guide is small enough (4" by 8") to fit in a camera bag or jacket pocket. There are 6 pose pictures per page, organized according to the type of pose (seated, standing, kneeling, reclining, etc.).

Publisher: Dan McCormick; 2nd edition (2005)

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