Find the right men; avoid the wrong men.

It tells you how to gage erroneous, futile mechanisms and thought processes that keep women in hopeless mindsets and equally hopeless relationships. I highly recommend this book to those who have been led to falsely believe that all women are commitment-phobic slugs and want validation to seek emotionally mature men that embrace confident, mature women for what they bring to the union. Very concise, easy to read and well-written.

About the Author

These 2 professional counselors are men themselves.


Waiting for the prince.
Daddys little girl.
How men respond to daddys little girl.
How men respond to power in women.
How exciting men can make women miserable.
Men who make women want to scream.

Many special women, few good men?
Release from endless mourning.
Freedom from love obsessions.
Letting go of expectations.
Finding diamonds in the rough.
A fresh look at "femininity".
What smart women know.
Rules for finding the right man.
Quizzes and tests.


Paperback: 283 pages
Publisher: Crown 1992)
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Smart women foolish choices by Dr Connell Cowan & Dr Melvyn Kinder: cover

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