All Bank notes and Travelers Cheques are printed on a special paper.This pen, with a single stroke, reveals whether a banknote is counterfeit or genuine.A dark brown line indicates a fake note and an almost invisible yellow line shows the note to be genuine.The pen will provide up to 4000 strokes.The pen works on over 140 currencies.

No need for electricity like UV light detectors.
Carry it everywhere with you.
Very suitable for hawkers, petrol stations, etc.

Buy R50 each.

counterfeit banknote detector pen

Shipping method Number of items Cost
Collect from South Africa, Pretoria, Sunnyside East any R  00
Courier to big cities, delivery 2-3 days 1 to 10 R  50
Courier to a town beyond 30 km from big cities, delivery 4-5 days 1 to 50 R143
South African post office to a town beyond 30 km from big cities, delivery 7 or more days 1 to 30 R  65
Prices include VAT and insurance.

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