Satin matte hipster brief tights made from yarns so fine to allow your skin to remain cool.


2x-covered elastane
Cotton gusset
Sandal toe
72% polyamide nylon
15% elastane
10% polypropylene
03% cotton
1 size fits all, except the very big and the very small

Where to buy

Made in China by Suncise.

Pantyhose, elegant and stylish. No. 7029Pantyhose, elegant and stylish. No. 5064Pantyhose, elegant and stylish. No. 5022
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R50 for 1 or R200 for 5 or R300 for 10
Add R33 per order (max 20 items)
for handling & postage to South Africa.
We carry stock and can mail in 1 to 4 days.
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