The solar light charges by sunlight during the day and brings light during the night.

Living with a kerosene lamp is like smoking 40 cigarettes a day. Paraffin fires are common, killing millions each year. Typical kerosene users burn their lamps for 1.5 hours a night The Nokero N200 lasts 2.5 hours a night on 1 day s charge.


No need to buy batteries regularly.
Cannot cause fires like paraffin lamps or candles.
No bad smokes.
It pays for itself within months when replacing a paraffin lamps or candles.
Providing more lumens-per-rand than any other product of its kind.

Possible uses

Emergency backup lighting
Marine; Cabin Cruisers, Power Boats, Sailboats, Kayaks
Mood lighting
Any situation where reliable light is required


LEDs: 4, wide angle, 13.5 lumens. (Incandescent bulb of 60 Watts = 600 lumens.), current draw: 50/150mA
Battery: lasts 1.5 years, replaceable, AA size, 1.2 Volt, Ni-MH, operating temperature: -20 to 55 degrees Celsius, capacity (max): 1000mAh
Solar panel: can pivot towards the sun to increase insolation rates.
Body  plastic: durable ABS plastics - will not warp.
Globe plastic: polycarbonate - shatter resistant.
Hangar material: stainless steel - hangs outdoors for charging.
Automatic switch: turns off in bright light - save charge.
Manual     switch: High (2.5 hours of light) - Off - Low (6 hours of light)
Charge time: 3 hours of direct, sharp, sunlight.
Dimensions: 8.5 x 7.3 x 7.0 cm
Weight: 130 grams
Simple to use.
Lasts 5 years when properly cared for.

Tips from HeinRich

For better performance, also order our extra strong batteries.  New!
1400 mAh and will last 6 hours. R 35 extra.

Also use it as a solar battery charger for you AA batteries.
Put your rechargable AA batteries in the Nokero. Once they are charged, remove the batteries and put them into your camera, clock, toys, etc.

Where to buy

Solar lights - Nokero N200; no Eskom electricity neededSolar lights - Nokero N200; no Eskom electricity needed

Buy 1 for R 155.
R33 for postage + handling fee + insurance in South Africa (maximum 5 items).
Prices include VAT.

We carry stock and can mail in 1 to 4 days.

Buy from HeinRich in Pretoria.

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