Lever arch files, South Africa, Pretoria
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Upright trunk board


Condition: 2nd hand. Some very good, rest reasonably good.
Compressors: Some plastic, some metal
Dimensions A4: spine width: 3.8cm. In stock: 4 items
Dimensions A4: spine width: 5.0cm. In stock: 2 items
Dimensions A4: spine width: 8.0cm. In stock: 9 items
Buy 15 for a total of R100

Shipping method Number of items Cost
Collect from South Africa, Pretoria, Sunnyside East any R  00
South African post office to a town beyond 30 km from big cities, delivery 7 or more days Box with all 15 R100
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Upright trunk board, South Africa, Pretoria

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