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Better sex by Glenn Wilson & Chris McLaughlin
Body language secrets for making love work by Susan Quilliam
English Spanish dictionaries
How not to stay single by Nita Tucker
Mars and Venus in the bedroom by by John Gray
Ninjutsu., South Africa, Pretoria Martial arts - Ninja Spirit of the shadow warrior by Stephen K. Hayes
MODEL: The ugly business of beautiful women by Michael Gross
Sex in Human Loving by Eric Berne
Sexual strategies how females choose their mates by Mary Batten
The Prostitution of Sexuality: The global exploitation of women by Kathleen Barry
The spider and the fly by Ruth Mogan Raffaeli
How to obtain the wealth that is within the grasp of us all., South Africa, Pretoria Books: Getting rich: a beginners manual by J.H. Brenman
This book could be worth a million dollars to you., South Africa, Pretoria Think and grow rich by by Napoleon Hill - 1960 revised edition - 254 pages
What men want by Bradley Gertsman, Christopher Pizzo, Rich Seldes

Mens sex magazines, BunnyGirl,  South African editions, 1991 till 1995.  New magazines added!
Mens sex magazines, Hustler,      South African editions, 1993 till 2000.
Mens sex magazines, Penthouse, South African editions, 1992 till 1996.
Mens sex magazines, Playboy,    South African editions, 1994 till 1995.
Mens sex magazines, Scope,      South African editions, 1987 till 1995.
Mens sex magazines, Stag,         South African editions, 1992 till 1995.


Gadgets - computers
Cables 3-prong plug male to kettle plug (IEC) female
Cables, 15 pin, D-SUB chassis, rows 3 for Svga monitors, female to male
Cables, IDE, 40-pin socket for 2 devices, female to female
Cables, power supply, Y-splitter, LP4 to 2x LP4, male to 2x female
Cables, USB 2.0, CDL-012, female to female, 150 cm
Cables, USB 2.0, extension cord, female to male, 200 cm
Hard disk drive mounting bracket adapters, 3.5" to 5.25"
Keyboard adapters, PS/2, DIN6F to DIN5M, female to male
Keyboard adapters, PS/2, DIN6F to USB_female, female to female
Keyboard cables, PS/2, mini DIN 4 male to mini DIN 4 male, S-video

Gadgets - electrical
Hot water for cold winter - portable water heater. South Africa, Pretoria Hot water for cold winter - portable water heater
Portable immersion rod for instant hot water in your caravan. South Africa, Pretoria Portable immersion rod for instant hot water in your caravan
Save electricity - small hot water element for your RDP house. South Africa, Pretoria Save electricity - small hot water element for your RDP house
Electric cords with 3 point plugs
Electric plug adapters for South African travelers
Rocksonic - RSP-4010-x5 - 10 Watt - 12 Volt., South Africa, Pretoria Solar panels
TV cable (RG6U) adapters male to male
TV cables (3C2V RG58 RG59 RG6U)
Ultra violet fluorescent tube for your counterfeit money machine.

Gadgets - software and programs
Statistics of website visitors per country

Gadgets - telephones
Cell phone charger with 5 adaptors
Cell phone USB cable for Samsung pkt-188
Telephone cable adapters, Protea male to Protea female, 15 metres
Telephone sockets, Protea SA2, female

Gadgets - other
Heavy duty, durable, steel tent pins will not bend like other cheap stakes. South Africa, Pretoria Steel tent stakes with fully formed eyes
Portable stove that does not use Eskom electricity or gas. South Africa, Pretoria Camping stove that can be folded up
Can be used for most light home and shop applications up to 180kgs/4 castors., South Africa, Pretoria Caster wheels with swivel top - 50 mm
Upright trunk board, South Africa, Pretoria Lever arch files
Ideal for beginner - 2nd hand but in good condition., South Africa, Centurion Road racing bike - Hansom
Tripods for camera or micro phone

Earthworm compost (vermicast): organic soil fertilizer
A soil amendment for dry, acidic and nutrient poor soils., South Africa, Pretoria Organic fertilizers - biochar
Plants, clivias
African Milkbush: why it is great for your garden, how to cultivate, warnings. South Africa, Pretoria Plants - euphorbia tirucalli
Blue african sage: why it is great for your garden, how to cultivate, warnings. South Africa, Pretoria Plants - salvia africana caerulea  New!

A light weight mirror on rolling stands that is adjustible and transportable. Useful for boutiques, fashion designers and dancers. Mirror - full length - standing - on caster wheels
Euro cylinder commercial,finish: SS, ASSA Abloy UNION, Q35X85MMSW-SS., South Africa, Pretoria Mortice locks - narrow stile and upright - deadbolt - swing bolt and latch

Montevideo - Inner City
Montevideo - Whole City

Martial arts
Ninjutsu., South Africa, Pretoria Books - Ninja Spirit of the shadow warrior by Stephen K. Hayes
Ketty (sling shot) to frighten off noisy neighbours and nuisance pets.
A self defense weapon that can be carried easily and concealed., South Africa, Pretoria Self defense weapons - minichaku

El Cuarteto De Nos - Soy una arveja
El Cuarteto De Nos - Bipolar
Murga 2011

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