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  • Books
    Are You the 1 for Me? by Barbara de Angelis
    Better sex by Glenn Wilson & Chris McLaughlin
    Body language secrets for making love work by Susan Quilliam
    English Spanish dictionaries
    Healthy sex by Dr. Miriam Stoppard
    How not to stay single by Nita Tucker
    King Tut: Down with computers by Geoff Watson
    Mars and Venus in the bedroom by by John Gray
    MODEL: The ugly business of beautiful women by Michael Gross
    People Spotting by Simon Brett & Jane Hutton
    Sex in Human Loving by Eric Berne
    Sexual strategies how females choose their mates by Mary Batten
    Smart women foolish choices by Dr Connell Cowan & Dr Melvyn Kinder
    The Prostitution of Sexuality: The global exploitation of women by Kathleen Barry
    The spider and the fly by Ruth Mogan Raffaeli
    Thorsons Principles of the Enneagram: an introduction by Karen Webb
    What men want by Bradley Gertsman, Christopher Pizzo, Rich Seldes
    What Not to Wear by Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine
    What your mother couldnt tell you and your father didnt know.

    Mens sex magazines, BunnyGirl,  South African editions, 1991 till 1995.  New magazines added!
    Mens sex magazines, Hustler,      South African editions, 1993 till 2000.
    Mens sex magazines, Penthouse, South African editions, 1992 till 1996.
    Mens sex magazines, Playboy,    South African editions, 1994 till 1995.
    Mens sex magazines, Scope,      South African editions, 1987 till 1995.
    Mens sex magazines, Stag,         South African editions, 1992 till 1995.

    Clothes & jewellery
    Bra enhancers, fillers and inserts
    Designed for women who had mastectomy. Bras, with pockets for silicone breast forms
    Breast forms for women who had mastectomy or who want to enhance their figure.
    Double sided adhesive tapes for wigs, garments
    Duct tape (medical quality) to create breast cleavage without plastic surgery.
    A fashion assessory that is worn over or with other clothes. Ethnic african dresses macrame thebreezy
    Lead crystals for jewellery
    Pantyhose, elegant and stylish
    Vampire fangs for halloween parties
    Water-based paint to colour cotton textiles at home.

    Breast enhancement creams with herbal kudzu root
    Eye cream, anti-wrinkle, Jeunesse instantly ageless
    Eyeliner, eye pencil tricks and tips
    Glycerine soap
    Hair sprays to dye your hair temporary in any colour; blond, orange, neon, glitter, ultra violet. Fun at parties, shows, any mood you feel like.
    Lipgloss set, 5 mini tubes, 5 juicy colours
    Mascaras, blackened brown
    Moisturizing lotions for dry skin - Gloves in a bottle
    Nail polish thinners to make nail polish easier to apply.
    Perfumes, pocket size, 20ml
    Small glass bottles
    Remove blackheads from your face with Shills black peel off face mask Skin, blackhead remover, peel off face mask, Shills   Price reduced
    Toothpastes, tooth whitening, PureSmile, 100ml

    Attachable silicone nipples
    Designed for crossdressers Bras, with pockets for silicone breast forms
    Breast forms for crossdressers who want to enhance their figure
    Silicone vagina


    Gadgets - computers
    Cables 3-prong plug male to kettle plug (IEC) female
    Cables, 15 pin, D-SUB chassis, rows 3 for Svga monitors, female to male
    Cables, IDE, 40-pin socket for 2 devices, female to female
    Cables, power supply, Y-splitter, LP4 to 2x LP4, male to 2x female
    Cables, USB 2.0, CDL-012, female to female, 150 cm
    Cables, USB 2.0, extension cord, female to male, 200 cm
    Disk drives, for 3.5" stiffies, 1.44 Mb
    Hard disk drive mounting bracket adapters, 3.5" to 5.25"
    Keyboard adapters, PS/2, DIN6F to DIN5M, female to male
    Keyboard adapters, PS/2, DIN6F to USB_female, female to female
    Keyboard cables, PS/2, mini DIN 4 male to mini DIN 4 male, S-video

    Gadgets - electrical
    Hot water for cold winter - minigeza
    I want to sell minigezas
    Portable minigeza for Instant hot water in your caravan
    Save electricity; buy a minigeza
    Save electricity; hot water element for your RDP house
    Check for counterfeit money: use an special koki pen
    Electric cords with 3 point plugs
    Electric plug adapters for South African travelers
    TV cable (RG6U) adapters male to male
    TV cables (3C2V RG58 RG59 RG6U)
    Ultra violet fluorescent tube for your counterfeit money machine.

    Gadgets - software and programs
    Statistics of website visitors per country

    Gadgets - telephones
    Cell phone charger with 5 adaptors
    Cell phone USB cable for Samsung pkt-188
    Telephone cable adapters, Protea male to Protea female, 15 metres
    Telephone cable adapters, Protea male to RJ11 SA3
    Telephone cables, RJ11, male to male, spiral
    Telephone sockets, Protea SA2, female

    Gadgets - other
    Ketty (sling shot) to frighten off noisy neighbours and nuisance pets.
    Pepper sprays
    Tripods for camera or micro phone

    Earthworm compost (vermicast): organic soil fertilizer
    Plants, clivias

    As good as new. 92 * 72 cm. Mirror - large - framed for wall  New!

    Montevideo - Inner City
    Montevideo - Whole City

    Balms, Pau yuen tong (Old Chinese delay balms)
    Colloidal Silver to kill germs in your body
    Duct tape: micropore & hypoallergenic.
    Essential oils, baobab (kremetart)
    It has anti-microbial properties and is used to treat dermatological conditions, like dandruff, acne, lice, herpes and skin infections. Essential oils - tea tree. 100% pure
    Essential oil, ylang ylang blended with rose
    Herbal medicine to boost immune system against diseases caused by infections.
    Herbal tea black
    Herbal tea Cassia for preventing stroke, hypertension and constipation.
    Herbal tea for alcohol problems
    Herbal tea for beauty and acne, pigmentation and chloasma
    Herbal tea for cleaning blood
    Herbal tea for cleaning lungs
    Herbal tea for constipation
    Herbal tea for detox
    Herbal tea for hypertension
    Herbal tea for liver and brain
    Herbal tea for menstruation
    Herbal tea for quitting smoking
    Herbal tea for sexual performance.
    Herbal tea for slimming and to reduce levels of lipids in blood
    Herbal tea ginger
    Herbal tea ginkgo
    Herbal tea ginseng
    Herbal tea kuding
    Herbal tea oolong
    K-Y lubricating jelly
    Linen savers to absorb water.
    Progesterone creams to restore female hormonal imbalance
    Skin silicone scar sheets

    Medical - aids for disabled- and old people
    Colostomy bags
    Easy grabber barbeque stainless steel tongs (braai tang)
    Easy grabber reacher
    Wheelchair push brakes

    El Cuarteto De Nos - Soy una arveja
    El Cuarteto De Nos - Bipolar
    Murga 2011

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