Heavy duty, durable, steel tent pins will not bend like other cheap stakes.Have fully formed eyes through which the rope is passed so that the rope cannot come off the peg no matter in which direction the peg is oriented.

Steel tent stakes with fully formed eyes, South Africa, Pretoria east
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Buy   1 for R 36 each. Total = R   36
Buy   2 for R 30 each. Total = R   60
Buy   4 for R 25 each. Total = R 100
Buy 10 for R 20 each. Total = R 200
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Shipping method Number of items Cost
Collect from South Africa, Pretoria east, MeyersPark any R 00
Courier Fastway, delivery 2-3 days 1 to   2 R 58
PostNet, delivery 5-7 days 1 to 20 R 99
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Portable immersion rod for instant hot water in your caravan. South Africa, Pretoria east

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