Pretoria: Save electricity; hot water element for your RDP house. Only R 75. South Africa, Pretoria east  Pretoria: Save electricity; hot water element for your RDP house. Only R 75. South Africa, Pretoria east  Hot water element in a bucket. South Africa, Pretoria east
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This is the cheapest method to get hot water.

It is cheaper than heating up an urn on a stove. It is cheaper than a standard 100 liter geyser, because you only heat the 5 or 20 liter water that you need, not the 100 liter geyser.

It is far quicker than a kettle, which only heats up 1.7 liters at a time. To heat 5 liters: after 10 minutes, the water is so hot you cannot touch it with your hand; after 20 minutes, the water is boiling.

Even if you have a geyser, the hot water element is much cheaper than the prepaid electricity cards.

A warm water heater makes water as hot as a kettle.

These warm water elements are portable.

No installation; just put it into the electric plug and switch it on.

These hot water elements operation are maintenance free.

This type of geyser is also called a "Hot Water Heater" or a "Tankless Water Heater".


220 to 250 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 1500 Watts.
This immersion rod (copper excluding green handle) is 21 cm long.
The electric cord is 85 cm long.
Weight is about 0.33 kg.
The bucket is not included!
It has a hook on the handle that you can clip onto the edge of the bucket to prevent it from touching and burning the bottom of the bucket.


Put the immersion rod into a drum of water. Switch the electric plug on. You will have warm water within a few minutes. For safety, do not immerse the handle into the water.

Buy   1 for R 75 each. Total = R     75
Buy   2 for R 70 each. Total = R   140
Buy 10 for R 64 each. Total = R   640
Buy 50 for R 59 each. Total = R 2950
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PostNet, delivery 5-7 days 1 to 10 R 99
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A self defense weapon that can be carried easily and concealed. South Africa, Pretoria east

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