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Eyebrow pomade. Myjulienne. South Africa, Pretoria east
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Fill in sparse brows, create bold dramatic brows or darken brows.

Its cream-based formula gives a concentrated color for faking hairs in sparse areas and for defining brows.It also tames the hairs so they do not stray out of place.

Pomades are not as soft and natural as powders. Use pomades if you need to accentuate eyebrows.

Pomades are not as precise as pencils. Use pomades if need to fill in more than a few hairs.



Take an angle brush and apply flicks of the pomade onto your brow. To make it look natural, do not put too much on your brush. First take a bit of pomade and smudge it out on the back of your hand and then apply.



Weight 6 grams
Dimensions of package 4.2 cm x 4.2 cm x 2.4 cm
Material small glass bottle
Colors dark brown
medium brown (not in stock)
Makeup finish matt


Buy 1 for R 105 each. Total = R 105
Buy 2 for R   98 each. Total = R 196
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A fashion assessory that is worn over or with other clothes. South Africa, Pretoria, Gezina

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