The only reason people why commit crime is because they think they can get away with it. The only way to stop them is to show everybody they won’t get away it. The death penalty does not discourage crime. Do you really think anyone who commits a crime thinks he is going to get caught? If you really want to reduce crime, grant every law abiding citizen the right to own and use a gun. Then criminals will think twice before they try their luck.
Shoot the bugger!

The chart anti-gunners do not want you to see.

According to statistics assembled by the American Center for Disease Control and the Federal Government, firearms related homicides are minuscule in comparison with knives, bats, hammers and poisons. The majority of gun owners (98%) have never committed a violent crime in their lives, let alone used a gun to do so.

The chart proves that politicians and those who would disarm Americans have ulterior motives or they are completely ignorant of the facts. Perhaps their goal is to trigger a revolution in an effort to implement a total police state over the American people.

With gun control, the only people who have guns are the criminals.

Identity number search of any South African. Id search South Africa


2021-07-29 Looter Mbuso Moloi, owner of a Mercedes-Benz, in the Durban Magistrates court

2020-12-16 The miracle of Blood River

Greek proverb: "A nation that does not sweep its own streets are doomed."

2020-12-11 Potchefstroom, Roodekraalpad: Gamiki Isaac Kutoane (37 y.o.) and Sello Daniel Matome (53 y.o.) van Ikageng go to jail for 20 years for attacking farmer Conrad Beukes (72 y.o.)

2020-09-20 Eastern Cape, Blue Water: Odwa Jim Ntlangani goes to jail for life for murdering farmer Jason Winrow

2020-09-02 Mpumalanga, Sundra: Farm attacker gunned down and another arrested

2020-07-26 Pretoria east: Pieter van der Westhuizen gunned down armed men who tried to rob people at a church

2020-03-25 Kameeldrift: Justice Sethlangu has been sentenced for murdering Johan Heunis

2019-12-24 Kakamas: Louis Steenkamp shot dead a burglar

2019-12-21 When victims fight back

2019-11-30 Mdantsane: AfriForum is taking again Julius Malema to court. This time for firing a shot in public

2019-10-11 Mdantsane: AfriForum is taking again Julius Malema to court

2019-08-19 Pretoria, Cornwall Estate: Brian Molefe, previous chief of Eskom, must pay back R10 miljoen pension money. The sherif has written up Molefes assets to cover AfriForums legal costs (R708102)

2019-07-01 Port Elizabeth: Portia Sizani (wife of ex-ANC chief Stone Sizani) to be sentenced because she defrauded the department of Eastern Cape Education out of R1 million

2019-04-08 Marble Hall: AfriForums safety team (buurtwag) gave quick support to farmer who had been attacked

2019-03-24 Vrystaat, Thabong: burglar killed with an axe

2019-01-18 Malema and the EFF must pay AfriForum R550 000

2018-11-20 How to handle thugs!

2018-11-10 AfriForum kry lasbrief om beslag te lê op Malema en EFF se bates

2018-10-06 Velaphi Khumalo found guilty of hate speech, because he wanted country "cleansed of white people"

2018-09-10 Gauteng, Alexandra, London Road corner 13th Avenue: Anton Damhuis, driving his motorbike, foiled a smash and grab robber

2018-08-27 Woman fights off hijackers!

2018-04-11 Pretoria, Sunnyside: Prince “Jacquar” Ndlovu (46) goes to jail for 10 years for stealing cell phones

2018-04-01 Afriforum se buurtwagte tree proaktief op teen misdaad

2018-03-15 Pretoria, Woodlands Lifestyle Estate: Brad Redmayne scares off 2 hijackers

2017-09-13 Noord-Gautengse hoë hof: AfriForum kry ’n bestraffende kostebevel, insluitend die koste vir 2 advokate, teen Julius Malema

2017-09-05 Piet Retief: buurtwag help om moordverdagte in hegtenis te neem

2017-09-01 Durban, N2, between Harding and Kokstad: Cops kill 3 cash-in-transit robbers, injure 4 others today.

2017-07-16 Mpumalanga, Sabie: brave farmer, Jan, told 3 robbers to put down weapons and fight like men. He knocked out 1 and the rest ran away.

2017-04-26 Pretoria, Fountains Circle: motorist shot smash-and-grabber

2017-03-20 Pretoria, Laudium: family shot back at robbers during attempted robbery

2017-02-27 Pretoria east: Roger Wessels traced his stolen phone to Tembisa. He went there and asked around. Somebody gave him a tip. He went to that shack and got most of his stuff back.

2017-02-10 Vanderbijl Park, Rivier avenue: AfriForum-buurtwag arrest murder suspect

2017-02-10 Kempton Park, Bamboo street: AfriForum-buurtwag recover kidnapped car from Tembisa

2016-12-23 Kwazulu-Natal, R617: South African Special Task Force Members shot and killed 8 armed suspects

2016-12-20 Durban: Pedro Gonzalez (builder), shot an armed robber 3x

2016-12-14 Harrismith, Champagne Castle Road: Mark Pitout and farmers rescued a 9 y.o. boy from hijackers

2016-11-23 Durban, Morningside: Greg Albert of Cycle Sphere took on a knife-wielding vagrant

2016-11-20 Parys: White farmer shot and killed 3 EFF members who trespassed on his land

2016-11-02 Pietermaritzburg, Mountview: Keaton Odayan (16 y.o.) managed to overpower a screwdriver-wielding thief, despite sustaining over a 12 jab wounds

2016-10-10 Cape Town, Grassy Park: Family team up to hunt down robbers

2016-07-20 Cape Town: Clinton Boonzaaier bleeds to death after he was shot trying to break into a house

2016-03-04 Pretoria, Baileys Muckleneuk: An elderly Pretoria woman outsmarted 2 thieves who tried to break into her home

2015-12-04 Vanderbijlpark: AfriForum se buurtwagpatrollie en die Gemeenskapspolisiëringsforum (GPF) betrap 2 inbrekers

2015-08-25 Bloemfontein, Langenhovenpark: 100 Buurtwaglede reageer op misdaadnoodroep

2015-08-21 Amsterdam, train: Chris Norman (ex-South African) + 2 passengers thwarted a terrorist attempt

2015-04-09 Pretoria: The killers of Dawie Maree, Marabe Talane and Rodney Katang Masemola, are jailed for life

2015-04-08 Pietersburg: Sandra Bates and her son Sean (19) were attacked by 3 black men, armed with knives and a hammer, in their home on their farm. Sean shot and killed 1 and wounded the 2nd. Sandra disarmed the 3rd.

2015-03-20 Pretoria, East: 2 motorists and a truck chased after a 24 y.o. smash-and-grab robber and arrested him

2014-12-03 Pretoria, Waterkloof: Hannes Strydom, ex-Springbok fought off 6 hijackers, then drove himself to hospital

2014-12-03 Standerton: Phillip Bruwer, pensioner, shot a black who snatched a womans wallet

2014-12-02 Johannesburg, Ridgeway: man shot a black robber in the head

2014-11-10 Johannesburg, Lenasia: House owner shot dead 1 of 4 burglars

2011-02-16 Durban, KwaMakhutha: community beat rapist to death

2011-01-10 Soshanguve, Block R: minibus hijacker accidently killed his accomplices
They are not only criminal, they are also stupid!

2011-01-03 Philippi East, Marcus Garvey: 16 y.o. robber, Muhle Mbakaza, beaten to death by local residents
Since when do criminals deserve sympathy?!

2010-12-23 Vereeniging: Boer, Eon Viljoen, shot 2 robbers dead who assaulted his grandmother

2010-11-21 Pretoria, Eersterus: A suspected hijacker was shot and killed

2010-05-26 Donovan Moodley, who killed Leigh Matthews, is put behind bars for for good

2010-04-23 Durban, Umbumbulu, Charles Sabelo High School: pupils stoned a thug to death

2010-03-09 Pretoria, Menlyn: Jacques Labuschagne, ex-police captain, beat 2 hijackers down with his bare hands

2010-01-05 Alberton: No charge for Louis Venter who killed a robber

2009-12-01 Pretoria, Soshanguve, Block W: residents burnt a cellphone thief

2009-12-01 Pretoria, Pretorius Park: Jannie Fourie fought 3 robbers like a hero and won!
Any White man can beat 10 blacks!

2009-11-12 Sandton: Kelvin Ludidi, a Rolex Gangster, shot and arrestd by the police

2009-11-09 Polokwane, Nirvana: police shot 7 robbers inside a Protea Coin cash depot
7 criminals have been fully rehabiltated and will never to commit a crime again...

2009-10-29 Fordsburg, Dragon City shopping centre: Bradford "Bad Brad" Wood shot a robber wielding a bolt cutter

2009-09-23 Soweto, Orlando: 2 hijackers shot and 3 arrested by police

2009-09-15 Pretoria: Police shot 6 criminals during an attempted cash-in-transit heist

2009-08-24 KwaZulu-Natal, Umlazi / Greytown: Xolani Zulu, the most wanted hitman, was shot and killed by police

2009-08-19 Jeffreys Bay: Smart White woman foiled stupid robbers

2009-07-13 Pretoria east, Lyttelton: Gerrie Yselle moer thug with a baseball bat.

2009-04-29 Durban, Central, Al Nagra car dealership: 1 robber killed, 3 wounded, 1 arrested in a shootout with police.

2009-04-03 Ekurhuleni, Etwatwa: Diepsloot criminal, Mpiliso Ndlovu (Skoloza), shot dead by police.

2009-03-17 Pretoria, Laudium: police stopped a gangs 2-year crime spree, killed 2, injured 4 and landed 2 more behind bars

2009-03-12 Alexandra: William "Big Spender" Lehase and his "Sandton Knife Gang", received a 40-year sentence

2009-02-24 Hartebeesport: Police, acting on a tip-off, killed 4 robbers in a bloody shootout

2009-01-29 Kraafontein, Brighton shopping complex: 65 y.o. gun-slinging Hennie Jacobs shot 5 robbers, killed 2 and wounded 3

2009-02-08 Durban: police killed 16 criminal suspects in shootouts during the past 2 weeks

2009-01-15 Pietermaritzburg: woman chased her attackers and apprehended them

2009-01-08 Daveyton: a man shot faster than a robber and survived (robber died)

2008-10-22 Durban, Umlazi: robber was stoned to death by angry residents

2008-10-03 Crown Tobacco: shop owner shot robber dead with a pump-action shotgun. "The blood was everywhere," said one guard at the scene.

2008-09-29 Durban, Market Street: off-duty police constable shot robber dead.

2008-09-02 Johannesburg, Birnam: police arrested 4 restaurant robbers.

2008-08-22 East Rand, Ivory Park XT 7: Police arrests 7 criminals in connection with the murders of Johannes Moropa and Sinah Uwane.

2008-08-21 KwaZulu-Natal, Madadeni: Police kill Muzi Majola (26 y.o.), the mastermind behind the ATM bombings.

2008-08-21 North West, Klipgat: Police shoot 2 bombers dead, wound 1 and arrest 3 others.

2008-08-21 Soweto, Jabulani mall: Police foil supermarket robbery and arrest 2 robbers (18 and 33 y.o.)

2008-08-18 Western Cape: Commissioner Mzwandile Petross "war room" arrests 186 hijackers and 5 500 other criminals.

2008-08-16 Johannesburg CBD: Cable thief electrocutes himself.

2008-08-12 Smiley van Zyl is going to sue the government for the murder of his wife.

2008-08-10 Johannesburg: crime swoop arrested 230 criminals.

2008-07-25 Bad news for criminals: 326 suspects were arrested in 2 years.

2008-07-22 Winterveld Mabopane highway: 1 robber was shot dead when he and 5 others tried to rob a bakkie.

2008-05-29 Durban, Isipingo: 4th supermarket robber dies in hospital.

2008-05-18 Cape Town, Tafelsig: 3 criminals killed and 4 injured in vigilante attacks.

2008-05-18 Cape Town: neighbourhood watches random roadblocks deter criminals.

2008-05-02 Richmond: Grant Warren, a 54 y.o. farmer shot both his attackers and killed 1.

2008-04-22 You have the right to shoot.

2008-04-17 Anonymous tip-offs to Crime Line works.

2008-04-15 Durban: Dad shoots his sons hijacker dead

2008-04-10 Susan Shabangu, Deputy Safety and Security Minister, ordered police to ignore the constitution and to shoot criminals dead.

2008-04-04 Pretoria: Anti-crime drive yields results

2008-04-04 Fourways, Randburg: Off-duty Constable Mothadi Lekota, single-handedly shot and wounded 2 gunmen at McDonalds.

2008-04-03 Zonkizizwe (Heidelberg): A photographer stabs a 24 y.o robber who had stolen his camera to death.

2008-03-04 Bad news for criminals: the justice system works; you wont get away with it.

2008-02-28 Pretoria: Sinoville: Ian Smit fight back at 2 robbers and win.

2007-12-13 Police has begun to use maximum force again criminals, i.e. shoot them dead.

2007-11-20 Pretoria: Owner of a Spar shop shoots 2 robbers.

2007-10-23 Vredehoek: Pensioner shoots intruder dead

2007-09-12 Bothas Hill: speedy police arrest robber within 4 hours.

2007-09-12 The reason for violent crime in SA: Governments bad policy choices and failure to deal ruthlessly with criminals.

2007-08-29 Pretoria Boschkop: More than 50 residents in vehicles, on foot and in a helicopter, swarmed through the area to capture 3 hijakers.

2007-08-25 Johannesburg Linden: Thai restaurant owner shot 1 robber dead and wounded his accomplice.

2007-08-21 Sandton: Police nailed a gang of smash-and-grab robbers who have been terrorising motorists on Witkoppen Road near Sunninghill.

2007-07-24 Pretoria North: Police shoots 1 robber and arrests 4 heavily-armed gunmen after a cash-in-transit van was hijacked.

2007-07-19 KwaZulu-Natal south coast: Shopkeeper shoots a robber dead.

2007-07-05 Minister of Transport, Community Safety tells police officers to shoot criminals.

2007-06-25 Koeberg Road, Milnerton, Cape Town: Police shoot criminal in his head.

2007-06-23 Pretoria, Moreleta Park: Police shoot hijacker 3 times in the stomach, then arrest his 9 comrades.

2007-05-11 Police gun down 3 robbers in Mpumalanga

2007-04-01 Burglar shot dead in Raslouw, Pretoria east

2007-02-28 Robber shot dead at Ruimsig restaurant Honeydew.

2007-01-01 Police and good Samaritans band together to stop a robber in his tracks.

2006-12-19 Durban: Garage owner shoots robber and recovers his money

2006-12-15 An armed robber was overpowered by a store keeper.
Then the local community beat him to death.

2006-12-15 Off-duty policeman killed 3 robbers in Emmerentia pub.
...They died slowly. We all stood and laughed at the fuckers..."

2006-07-19 Pretoria: Motorists spot 2 hijackers and gun them down.

2006-07-19 Umlazi: A house robber was beaten to death by the local community.

A self defense weapon that can be carried easily and concealed. South Africa, Pretoria, Gezina


What to do after you have actually shot a criminal
Anyone with information on cable theft, in Pretoria: 012-358-7095/6
Anyone with information on corruption, blow the whistle safely and anonymously: www.afrileaks.org
Anyone with information on corruption, contact AfriForum se teenkorrupsie-eenheid: www.stopkorrupsie.co.za
Anyone with information on corruption, phone Anti-Corruption: 0800-701-701
Anyone with information on corruption, phone Anti-Corruption hotline: 0800-007-086 or fraud.nmb@kpmg.co.za
Anyone with information on crime tip-offs, send anonymous SMS (R1,00) to 32211 or www.crimeline.co.za
Anyone with information on cybercrime crime, www.cybercrime.org.za/reporting
Anyone with information on hijacking syndicates, phone Crime Stop: 08600-10111.
Complaints about noise, contact police officer Bezal 082-981-2498 (Pretoria, Sunnyside), 071-165-4749 (Pretoria, Sunnyside)
Complaints about police, contact complaints@ipid.gov.za, 012-399-000 (Independant police investigative directorate)
Complaints about police, contact tmpdcomplaints@tshwane.gov.za, 083-657-2998
Complaints about police, contact police.complaints@gauteng.gov.za, 011-689-3607, 071-853-1306, 082-568-4669 (Pretoria, Sunnyside), 071-165-4749 (Pretoria, Sunnyside), 076-455-5718 (Gauteng)
Complaints about hate speech, incitement to violence, disinformation and journalist harassment, www.real411.org.za
Presidential hotline: 17737 (when your attempts to get assistance from a government department, province, municipality or state agency have failed)
Whistle blowers: send a tip-off to a newspaper https://www.mg.co.za/story-tip-offs
Whistle blowers: send a tip-off to a newspaper info@thesouthafrican.com

South Africa:
Corruption Watch
FaceBook group: Expose
Get Closure
Health professions council (Medical Board)
How to disable contactless payment ( tap and pay ) on debit cards
National Consumer Commission
Ombudsman for Banking Services
Ombudsman for cell phones and post office
Ombudsman for Consumer Goods
Ombudsman for Credit
Ombudsman for Insurance Long Term
Ombudsman for Insurance Short Term
Ombudsman for Motor Industry
Public Protector for complaints about government / municipal departments
Reviews of businesses
Small claims court: how to claim


Better Business Bureau
Food and drug administration (FDA)
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Internet Crime Complaint Center
Ripoff Report
Site Jabber
Trust Pilot

Ketty (sling shot) to frighten off noisy neighbours and nuisance pets. South Africa, Pretoria

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