Ha ha ha but here a little secret I am sure you are not aware of and that is that these guys are no different than the Africans, if not worse, than we know at home. In fact having worked here for a while I regrettably have to admit I would work with a lazy African worker than a very, very energeticSaudi. Nobody can imagine how it is until you see it.

Money is not an issue for them, they see business as a pastime.The Arabs have the money to buy almost everything that is not crude oil, but not the intelligence to use. Unfortunately this does not count for a small minority who are very bright and industrious but the majority are lazy over paid spoilt bodies. There are very few Saudis that work, all labour is done by us expats from all over the world and they simply fund everything and their children are the managers.

It is more the traditional living styles that make them different; 5 times a day prayer no women in sight the fact that everything is a mans world and you are deprived of half of societys ideas. I never thought I would miss the company of the female race in a business environment but when it is not present you actually see how different it makes the working world. You get tired of seeing men in sheets where you are unable to distinguish if he is the King or just the garden boy and the blandness of all.

Also the ignorance their society has created, e.g. the only White people either come from USA, Britain or Europe. When I tell them I am neither and come from ZA they ask how come I am White, there are only black people inAfrica. They have no idea, yet they make you feel none welcome if you are not part of the business company or know anyone.

Anyway it pays the bills even if I only see home 2x a year for 2 weeks.

... Camel riding Pete

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