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A soil amendment for dry, acidic and nutrient poor soils.

Biochar is biomass (any organic material such as wood) that is produced (pyrolysis) in an oxygen-free environment. At 350C, all the non-carbon elements in the biomass evaporate. The only solid residue is carbon (charcoal).When viewed under a microscope, one sees that the carbon looks like a sponge with millions of "chambers". The surface of the walls of 1 gram biochar is 50 to500 m (as large as 2 tennis courts).This porous structure and high specific surface area gives it the ability to attract and retain water and water-soluble nutrients (hygroscopic).



This green container is not pure biochar, but a mixture of biochar (33.3%) + vermicast (33.3%) cow manure (33.3%) = 5 times better than ordinary compost.

Volume 1 litre
Material Plastic container
Shelf life 1 year

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