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Organic fertilizers - grow mix. South Africa, Pretoria, Gezina
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A potting soil mix for home gardeners. A ready mixture of soil and compost in which to grow plants.

This grow mix is formulated with plant health and root growth in mind.Perfectly aerated for optimum oxygen exposure and its ability to hold water to allow for capillary action. It is rich in the organic nutrients salts and minerals that a growing plant needs, from nitrogen to zinc. Also millions of microbes and fungi to form networks to keep the root zone healthy and free from pathogens. 100% natural.

Ingredients Directions Features Buy   1 bags for R 58 each. Total = R   58
Buy   2 bags for R 55 each. Total = R 110
Buy   5 bags for R 52 each. Total = R 260
Buy 10 bags for R 50 each. Total = R 500
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