Herbal tea for slimming and to reduce levels of lipids in blood. South Africa, Pretoria east


SACM Slim Tea contains an enzyme which can accelerate the decomposing of lipids and it is also has organic acids which can help the digesting and decomposing of high-fat food.So it can basically reduce weight and lipids.
The cyclocarya leaves nourishes the skin and make the skin recovers elasticity.This prevents wrinkle (stretchmarks) in the skin due to the weight loss.


For over weight and high blood lipid.


Do not drink during pregnancy.


Take 1 tea bag, 1 or 2 times daily.
Steep one tea bag with 300-500ml boiling water for 20 minutes. The tea bag can be used 2x.
Store in a cool, dark and dry place.


3g x 12 tea bags per box.


Cassia Seed
Cyclocarya Leaves
Green Tea
Hangzhou Chrysanthemum Flower
Hawthorn Fruit
Perilla Fruit

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To clean heat in the lung, reduce phlegm, stop coughing, help produce saliva and slake thirst. May also help for asthma and emphysema. South Africa, Pretoria east

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