Progesterone is a hormone that is produced mainly by a womans ovaries.The placenta produces 300 - 400mg of progesterone levels daily during the last few months of pregnancy.Progesterone is what makes you glow during pregnancy.Most women are oestrogen dominant due to progesterone deficiency. Progesterone restores the balance between the female hormones and eliminates the symptoms of oestrogen dominance.



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Use this product with caution if you have:It may also cause symptoms of an allergic reaction: Other possible side effects:Directions

Apply in the morning and evening. (An application is effective for 8-12 hours.) Apply larger doses of 2 to 5 mls for the initial 3 months to detox the xeno oestrogens. Then reduce the dosage as per symptoms and for maintenance.During maintenance ensure a 7 day break period after your menstrual cycle.

The best places to apply are where the capillaries are dense and close to the surface of the skin, such as: face, neck, breasts, inner arms, wrists, palms of hands and feet. Avoid applying to the fat areas of the body, because fat will store the progesterone, rather than allow it to move into the bloodstream. Rotate where you apply the cream to avoid saturation.

A 1-time overdose of progesterone cream is virtually impossible. (During the last trimester of pregnancy, the placenta is producing 300-400mg of progesterone a day.) Even if you used a whole bottle in a day, it may just make you feel very sleepy.


Bottle of 50 ml.
A prescription from a doctor is not needed for natural progesterone creams.


Avocado oil
Deionised water
Natural progesterone (2000 mg) derived from diosgenin extracted from wild yam
Grapefruit seed extract
Ginseng root extract
Macadamia oil
Marula oil
Rosemary oil
Vitamin E

Does not contain Paraben

Natural progesterone creams to restore female hormonal imbalance. South Africa, Pretoria east

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Extra strong for heavy people or paraplegics with comfi grip. South Africa, Pretoria east

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