Books: Getting rich: a beginners manual by J.H. Brenman, South Africa, Pretoria, Gezina


How to obtain the wealth that is within the grasp of us all.


The secret of the 2nd million

The personal cost of living

The Midas syndrome

Success signals

The Cornfield dilemma

Manufacturing the money mentality

Creating a golden image

How to beat the bank

Manufacturing your money machine

The mail order minefield

The selling secret

Setting up your own money machine



Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Alternative books, 1987
Dimensions: 19.5cm x 14.5cm x 0.9cm
Photos: none
Diagrams: none
Tables: none
Index: few
References for more info: none
Quality: 2nd hand (70%)
Underline: many
Notes in margins: many
Corners folded: none
Binding backbone: intact

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