The book exposes the day-to-day business of beautiful young women, sex and drugs. Through 100s of in-depth interviews with models, photographers and agents, it develops a flowing narrative history of the modeling industry from its birth to the present day supermodel craze. The book starts out with the 1st official models, which were generally socialites; how modeling agencies 1st formed and who the first models and clients were. The book follows along as agencies and models fall out and new ones come along. Close to the chapters around the 1980s/1990s you learn more about the all out "model wars" and the switching of models between agencies. Mixed in with all this history are bio chapters highlighting the stories of specific models along the years.

The book serves as a wonderful primer for anyone going into the modeling industry or just interested in its origins.

The book is an older book so you will not hear any recent names. There is another book, "Shut up and Smile" that covers more recent models. But the writing from that book is no comparison to this 1. This book is by someone that knows how to write and the stories are very in-depth which can only make the book better. The pictures are also better in this book.

OK, the modeling industry does have it ugly side. But which industry does not? Police women also deal with drug dealers, rapists and money laudering tycoons. At least models get paid better and the uniforms they wear to work look smarter....

About the Author

Michael Gross is 1 of Americas most experienced fashion journalists. He is a senior writer at Esquire and former fashion columnist for The New York Times and New York Magazine. He lives in New York.


Milan, October 1993.

Cindy Crawford

$5 an hour

Hannah Lee Sherman

$15 an hour

Francine Counihan

$25 an hour

Jean Patchett

$40 an hour

Suzy Parker

$60 an hour

Celia Hammond

$24 an hour


$75 an hour

Lauren Hutton

$120 an hour

Apollonia van Ravenstein, Louise Despointes, Gunila Lindblad, Shelley Smith

$1500 a day

Janice Dickingson, Mike Reinhardt, Christie Brinkley

$2500 a day

Bitten Knudsen, Tara Shannon

$5000 a day

Christine Bolster

$10000 a day

Veronica Webb

$25000 a day



Paperback: 576 pages
Publisher: Bantam Books (1996)
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Diagrams: none
Tables: none
Index of peoples name: many
References for more info: many
Quality: 2nd hand (60%)
Underline: few
Notes in margins: few
Corners folded: none
Binding backbone: intact

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