Frightening, provocative, controversial, and much needed are a few words to describe this work of feminist scholarship. Barry premises her new work on the fundamental proposition that "while rape is paradigmatic of sexual exploitation, prostitution, with or without a womans consent, is the institutional, economic and sexual model for womens oppression." Besides promoting such a paradigm shift, her book also contains extensive documentation on the sex trade and trafficking in women, especially in Asia, that supports her call to action for a new bill of rights for women throughout the world. Not easy to digest, Barrys new book yet may reverberate for a long time in sympathetic readers minds and prove invaluable to many who are trying to stem the oppression and exploitation of women.

Barry (sociology, Pennsylvania State U.) considers sexual exploitation a political condition and thus the foundation of womens subordination and the base from which discrimination against women is constructed. She argues for the need to integrate the struggle against sexual exploitation in prostitution into broader feminist struggles and to place it, as one of several connected issues, in the forefront of the feminist agenda.

About the Author

Kathleen Barry is a sociologist and professor in the department of Human Development and Family Studies at the Pennslvania State University.
This book is a follow-up to Barrys groundbreaking "Female Sexual Slavery (1979)".


Prostitution of Sexuality
Sexual power
Josephine Butler: The first wave of protest
Industrialization of sex
Traffic in women
Pimping: the oldest profession
The state: Patriarchail laws and prostitution
Patricia Hearst: Prototype of female sexual slavery
Human rights and global feminist action
Proposed convention against sexual exploitation


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The Prostitution of Sexuality: The global exploitation of women by Kathleen Barry: cover. South Africa, Pretoria east

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