A transactional analysis approach to sex.

About the Author

Dr. Eric Berne is the father of transactional analysis. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. He practised as a consultant in psychiatry and neurology to the Surgeon General of the US Army. He died in 1970.


Talking about sex.

Why sex is necessary.
The sexual act.
The exploitation of the sex organs.

Forms of human relationship
Sexual games
Sex and well-being or preventive intimacy

A man of the world
Veneral disease is sordid because it is always 2nd hand.

The most disastrous attitude for a woman is: "I need a man, but your are not good enough." Either dont be that anxious or take what comes.

With drugs you experience everything and understand nothing.

The reason so much is written about sex is that it was invented to happen and not to be described.

Since fighting and sex didnt mix too well, they gave up sex.

The classification of human relationships


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