137 cm, 10A / 25, SABS standard.
bright Red: 1 in stock
pale Red: 10 in stock
White: 7 in stock

Electric cords with 3 point plugs. South Africa, Pretoria east

Buy   1 cords with 3 point plugs for R 15 each. Total = R   15.
Buy 16 cords with 3 point plugs for R 10 each. Total = R 160.
Buy or make a free enquiry  (also specify which color you want)

Packaging + handling + shipping Number of items Cost
Collect from South Africa, Pretoria, Gezina any R   00
Courier Paxi to Paxi at PEP stores, delivery 7-9 days 1 to 10 R   60
PostNet to Postnet , delivery 3-5 days 1 to 10 R 100
Post office to Post office, delivery 5-9 days 1 to 10 R   70
Prices include VAT and insurance.

Refunds / Returns

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