Martial arts - minichaku, chaku sticks, South Africa, Pretoria, Gezina
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A self defense weapon that can be carried easily and concealed.

Unlike other miniature nunchucks ( Thumbchucks ), this is not a toy, but a weapon. It it bigger and heavier, so it can do actual damage when applied.



Dimensions See photo
Material Steel
Paint Primer + black + clear top coat

Buy   1 for R 100 each. Total = R 100
Buy   2 for R   90 each. Total = R 180
Buy   5 for R   83 each. Total = R 415
Buy 10 for R   66 each. Total = R 660
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Collect from South Africa, Pretoria, Gezina anys R   00
Courier Paxi to Paxi at PEP stores, delivery 7-9 days 1 to 10 R   60
PostNet to Postnet , delivery 3-5 days 1 to 10 R 100
Post office to Post office, delivery 5-9 days 1 to 10 R   60
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WANTED: Pretoria: a training partner to practise basic self-defense techniques with.

I am looking for an average Tom, Dick or Sarah, any age older than 18 years, any body type.

This private 1 to 1 training.
Times are negotiable (Monday to Sunday 06h00 till 18h00). 1 hour per week.
I do not charge for this.

A young woman who had been assaulted came to me in 2017-11. We practised together for several months, but she left for Bloemfontein to complete her master degree. I compiled a "syllabus" of about 8 weeks. Most techniques are from jujutsu / aikido / wing chun kung fu. I do not use dangerous or demanding techniques. You do not need special clothes or equipment.

I am, a 57 y.o. White man. I did Shotokan karate up to brown belt under Norman Robinson, Johannesburg in 1984. I did basic tai-jutsu / ninjutsu for 3 years under Dennis Dorward, Pretoria in 1989. I stay in Pretoria, Gezina.

Apply here with your age, sex and background about yourself

Ketty (sling shot) to frighten off noisy neighbours and nuisance pets. South Africa, Pretoria

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