Folded street and travel map (portable).
Size (unfolded): 97 x 67 cm
Scale 1:15,000
Legend includes pedestrian routes, ferry routes, railways, parks/plazas, beaches, accommodations, churches, museums, points of interest, shopping centers, bus terminals, hospitals, train stations.
Includes inset map of Montevideo region.
Text: English, Spanish

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Folded road and travel map.
Size: 9.8 x 4.2 x 0.3 inches
Scale 1:800,000/1:10,000
This is a very detailed topographical map that distinguishes roads ranging from highways to rough roads.
Legend includes railways, ferry lines, airports, parks/reserves, camping sites, beaches, points of interest. Includes inset map of Punta del Este and Colonia del Sacramento. Montevideo map legend includes pedestrian routes, commuter train stations.

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