The purpose of this report is not to create a general website about Uruguay. It gives information that is relevant to South Africans who consider to emigrate there. About 70% of it should be useful to citizens from other countries too.

How do you know you are not going to jump from the pan into the fire?
This report compares South Africa with Uruguay and New Zealand against 34 indicators, e.g. exchange rate, rate of crime, quality of living, cost of living, etc. It shows that, although Uruguay is not as attractive as New Zealand, Uruguay is a better place to live than South Africa, especially for South Africans who do not qualify to emigrate to New Zealand.

It consists of a table that is simple to understand, quick to load. Many of the indicators are international ranks, e.g. South Africa has the 125 th best human development in the world, Uruguay=47 th and New Zealand= 20 th. The rest are expressed in ZAR or %.

It also briefly describes the following subjects about Uruguay:


Links to several Uruguayan websites:

A budget for a 15 day visit to Uruguay. (Prices valid 2011-06-02.)


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It will be emailed to you as a html document (3 000 words).
It is written in English. It links only to English- or the English versions of websites.
The writing style is the same as this page; easy to read, concise without any verbosity. Most info are listed in table format that can be understood at a glance. It is quick loading and not cluttered with internet bells-and-whistles. If you can read this page, it will work for you too. (Unless your time is worth nothing, it will be cheaper to order the report than to surf through 100s of slow, clumsy, irrelevant and badly organized websites.)
You will also receive a password so that you can download the photos from the website.
If you have ordered my report, you are welcome to phone or email me for more specific details.

Cost: US$ 14.00 (ZAR 100,00)

Where did I get the info from?

electric plug adapters for South African travelers  Maps of Uruguay and Montevideo  English Spanish dictionaries, Oceano practico diccinario  El Cuarteto De Nos, CD: Soy Una Arveja. Rock band from Uruguay.  Murga 2011: Murga songs from Uruguay

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